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Terms of Service & Privacy

The Hard Light Center knows your privacy is very important and we deeply respect that. Any information you give us is purely voluntary and maintained in a secure place for the period agreed to.

Please know that we do not give your personal information to anyone, ever.

We do not share our email list with a person, a company or any other entity.

We ask that you do not post any copyrighted or trademarked materials, or any other materials which are not your intellectual property, on the Hard LIght website without the express written permission from the owner of that material. When you enter any information on our website, you acknowledge that you are responsible for the content or material that you submit and that you, and not TMA, have full responsibility for each such submission you make, including its legality.  

Disrespectful and/or copyrighted/trademarked property will be labeled as abuse and deleted.  Repeat attempts to post abusive material may result in the source IP address being blocked.

To report abuse, please email contact@hardlight.org

Thank you, and enjoy The Hard Light Center: Fire of Awakening!

-- Hard Light Web Team